The Book

I know you know how to fight. You just don’t know how to fight this…yet.

“Dogfighting Depression: A Navy Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Victory + Inner Peace [2020 update]” is filled with all the tactics and knowledge you need to escape the maze of darkness. I had lost everyone who I loved and was left wondering if fighting to live was worth it. The feeling of not knowing where to start consumed me.

I never want you to experience that feeling, so I wrote this book to guide lost fighters out of the shadow.  I used all my military experiences to get my head screwed on straight.  Lone wolves do not survive, so join this pack so we can accomplish great things

– Dave

Dogfighting Depression (PDF)

You can purchase the final full-color pdf copy of my book Dogfighting Depression securely with PayPal. We all need a wingman. Let this book be yours


Dogfighting Depression (Hardcover, Limited Edition Pre-Order)

High-Speed, Low-Drag Hardbound Limited Edition: featuring new foreword by distinguished West Point graduate / former Procter & Gamble CEO Bob McDonald, and a full-color dustjacket design by an Apple iPhone artwork genius!