The Book

I know you know how to fight. You just don’t know how to fight this…yet.

“Dogfighting Depression: A Navy Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Victory + Inner Peace [2020 update]” is filled with all the tactics and knowledge you need to escape the maze of darkness. I had lost everyone who I loved and was left wondering if fighting to live was worth it. The feeling of not knowing where to start consumed me.

I never want you to experience that feeling, so I wrote this book to guide lost fighters out of the shadow.  I used all my military experiences to get my head screwed on straight.  Lone wolves do not survive, so join this pack so we can accomplish great things.

– Dave

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You can download the book below, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d pass this link along to anyone in need who can or cannot afford the purchase price. I spent two years being homeless and some days all I needed was a little boost of airspeed and momentum to keep me going.
This book has already saved lives and I would be thrilled if you could save just one more of our brothers & sisters who struggle with depression. Please take part in this noble mission! 


Veterans In Need

Please use the link below if you or someone you know might be in need of this book and currently without means to purchase. Please help try and save a life.