Who is Dave Dequeljoe

What can one man and one humble website do to stop veteran suicide? Well, we are going to find out now aren’t we. I lost everyone in my life that I love, and I almost lost my life in the fight against depression; that’s why I’m determined to make sure you don’t lose yours.


[…through Knowledge, Inner Peace]

Now that I’ve cracked the code on how to beat this thing, I am committed to taking the lead and making sure everyone escapes mental imprisonment too. Why? So you can enjoy the great life you fought for, and the life that you deserve back here in the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Although it doesn’t seem like it now, the world after your impending victorious battle is more beautiful than you can imagine.

Stay alive, and stay in the fight, no matter what — you can, and you will win. 

– Dave

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The Story

[airspeed is LIFE: mindset on how to lead & thrive in this new chaotic era…]

Three main weapons to fight: Music + Knowledge + Comedy