Welcome Home.

Airspeed is life, and sometimes we all need a little boost to keep going.

This site is for you, because you deserve a great life. You fought with us, you fought for us, and now I’m fighting for you. I know you’re a leader; leaders must lead. So heal up, learn and join the fight. We need to get our fellow brothers and sisters out of the darkness; where they are enslaved by a past that’s unchangeable and a future they can’t possibly predict.

We can do this. And so can you. All the weaponry you need to fight off permanent mental injury is here, or in my new book. If you’re a veteran in need it’s yours for free. Send me a message at dogfightDave@gmail.com … anytime, baby.

” … peace comes from within … do NOT seek it without … “

Life has a funny way of getting awesome and beautiful all of a sudden, and our country wants you to be around to see it. Stay alive, no matter what.

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"What better place than here ... what better time than now?"
- Rage Against The Machine

Do I have to call it a "blog"?

Listen, I don't like the word "blog" any more than you do, but that's what everyone calls it, so here's mine...

  • “I just wanted to say thank you…when I am feeling down I sit and read as much of your book as I can…your book has kept me up and running…thank you” – Army Special Forces Soldier

    Thank you from Afghanistan
  • “I was going through an extremely difficult phase in my life and your comeback story after losing everything inspired me…wow…you know you are a champ when you get knocked down hard but still get back up…I am truly happy for you brother…(other veterans) need to know your story and what it took to get back. I am really proud of you for having the courage to do this. Even though you are a squid, we are brothers. Keep the press on!” – United States Army Infantry, West Point Graduate

    You are America’s Best