What Is Dogfighting Depression?

Flying hundreds of MPH and focused on a target while scanning the skies for oncoming missiles, was both the greatest adrenaline rush and hardest thing I have ever done.

But somewhere over the skies of Iraq, a moment happened which rocked my identity.  As I came home depression followed and tore my life apart.

Slowly pulling myself out of this after trial and error, I knew that I needed to do something about veteran depression and suicide: so I wrote my book Dogfighting Depression.

I am now your wingman as we dogfight this depression as one unit.

Three main weapons to fight: Music + Knowledge + Comedy

Get Back On Track

Quick ways to get your head back in the game of fending off depression.

"What better place than here ... what better time than now?"
- Rage Against The Machine

  • “I just wanted to say thank you…when I am feeling down I sit and read as much of your book as I can…your book has kept me up and running…thank you” – Army Special Forces Soldier

    Thank you from Afghanistan
  • “I was going through an extremely difficult phase in my life and your comeback story after losing everything inspired me…wow…you know you are a champ when you get knocked down hard but still get back up…I am truly happy for you brother…(other veterans) need to know your story and what it took to get back. I am really proud of you for having the courage to do this. Even though you are a squid, we are brothers. Keep the press on!” – United States Army Infantry, West Point Graduate

    You are America’s Best