The Story

A friend once nicknamed me “The Hurricane” because chaos brings out the best in me. Although she said it with a fond smile, she did not realize the double edge sword that this was as I blew threw and destroyed all the relationships I had held dear. My life self-destructed as I found myself painful divorced, disowned by my four kids, and living homeless. My mothers voice rang through the back of my head, “when you aren’t feeling good about yourself, the very best thing you can do is to help someone else”. I immersed myself in learning, and patiently took careful notes during the recovery from severe depression in the hope that I could teach others how to discover their own specific “Arrow of Pebbles”: the flight path to victory that I am confident will guide every out of the darkness.

My book, Dogfighting Depression, is an extension of myself; written for YOU in the hopes you will run with the wolfpack instead of facing the shadows alone.  No solo missions, my friends! I tried, stubbornly & overconfidently, to do it all myself. Not really the best idea… if you need a copy of this book and you’re in need, no shame in calling in air support: and it is yours, no questions asked.

The Stats

Who is Dave Dequeljoe